U.S. Facts: Reading activity - Garage/yard sale

Do you know what a garage/yard sale is? Let's talk about it. Enjoy the reading.

In North America, people often sell old things like furniture, jewelry, or clothing at a garage sale (also called yard sale). They decide on prices, put the things on tables in their garage or yard, and then they put a sign in front of their house to advertise the sale. People come to look and maybe to buy.

Garage/yard sales are a great opportunity to get things like appliances, furniture, equipment, and other household or personal items at a lower cost. Sometimes, sellers also give away freebies to attract many customers. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for a garage/yard sale.

People display some used (and sometimes even unused) items in their garage or front yard for sale. And with the great weather, it is perfect to have items out in the open for people to come and check out. If you have just arrived in America and are looking to furnish your home, a garage/yard sale can be a great source for you. It’s also a great way to make new friends and meet your new neighbors.


Furniture - mobília

Jewelry - jóias

Appliances - eletrodomésticos

Lower - mais baixo

Freebies - brindes

Furnish - mobiliar

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